Job Status: Done

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UCEMA is the University of CEMA, the Center for Macroeconomic Studies of Argentina, a renowned research and teaching center. The new version of the web arose from the need to decentralize content management, which found the administrator of the old web (without the possibility of self-management) overwhelmed by the number of changes to be made from all areas of the University.

Project goals:

  • Having a flexible, decentralized and self-managing content platform, which would allow the different areas of the University to self-manage their own content, in order to avoid saturation of the web administrator.
  • Renew the presentation of the University, improving the navigation clarity of abundant information and the quality of graphic design for a better understanding.
  • Decentralization of user contact points with the different areas of the University.


The website mainly has two areas: institutional information sections (includes all the information about the University), sections of specific areas (undergraduate, postgraduate). In addition, the following aspects should be highlighted:

  • Paragraphs - Used extensively to provide versatility and control over content blocks.
  • Forms - It was used intensively to respond to specific requirements on inquiry or order forms.
  • Navigation - Navigation was organized using a sophisticated set of rules and contexts that allowed a large amount of information to be displayed in a relevant way. In addition, standard menus and breadcrumbs were used.
  • Theming in general - The styling of the site can be considered intermediate / advanced level. There are complex sections such as the main menu, secondary menu and the display of individual nodes.
  • SEO - Various modules were installed to optimize the SEO aspects of the solution, including those related to page titles, metatags, automatic URL generation and other more technical ones.

Key modules used:

  • Paragraphs - For site-wide block placement.
  • Superfish, Sticky - For the floating main menu with sub-items.
  • Context, Views - For site-wide block placement.
  • Views Slideshow, Quicktabs - For tabs and slideshows in different areas of the site.
  • Page Title, Metatag, Pathauto, Transliteration - For the assembly with SEO logic of the urls of the site.
  • Webform and plugins - For decentralization of touchpoints.