Job status: In progress

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Aves Argentinas is a national organization, member of BirdLife International, that for 100 years has worked to protect wild birds and nature in Argentina. It is one of the most important organizations of its kind in the country.

Project goals:

  • Make all the content that existed on the previous site consistent on a single platform, programmed by hand and made up of various independent subsites, each with its own graphic design, programming logic and ways of updating content.
  • Renew the visual image of the site, to make it more modern and accessible through mobile devices. In addition, improve navigation circuits and graphic design, for greater clarity in the presentation of information.
  • Achieve complete self-administration of content.
  • Incorporate an association subsystem, so that partners can join the organization. The subsystem that allows payments to be made in a transparent and secure manner.


The website mainly has two areas: content sections (includes all information about the organization, events, publications, etc.) and the association subsystem (one-time or monthly payments). In addition, the following aspects should be highlighted:

  • Consistency of Layout and Navigation – These aspects were rebuilt from the ground up, incorporating all content within the new established parameters. Organic Drupal tools were used for content organization: menus, contexts, etc.
  • Theming- The styling of the site can be considered intermediate level. There are more sophisticated sections like the home page and some form areas.
  • Association – The association subsystem was built with Wordpress, reusing a pre-existing tool provided by one of our Partners. In this way, we managed to optimize the budget of the organization.
  • Shop – For the sale of books on Birds, resolved with Commerce.

Key modules used:

  • Commerce, for the sale of Books.
  • Context, Views - For site-wide block placement.
  • Views Slideshow, Quicktabs - For tabs and slideshows in different areas of the site.
  • Page Title, Metatag, Pathauto, Transliteration - For the assembly with SEO logic of the urls of the site.
  • Webform and plugins - For decentralization of touchpoints.