UCEMA is the University of CEMA, the Center for Macroeconomic Studies of Argentina, a renowned research and teaching center. The new version of the web arose from the need to decentralize content management, which found the administrator of the old web (without the possibility of self-management) overwhelmed by the number of changes to be made from all areas of the University.

Universities usually handle large volumes of information that they want to share with their community, from students and professors to the rest of society, for different reasons: institutional information, courses, events, books, news, etc. That is why, as a CMS, Drupal is a more than appropriate tool for this.

Since it is a large site, some of the priorities were that it be easy to maintain, that it had a user-friendly design and navigation, as well as unifying all the information from all sectors of the university in a single website . 

The website mainly has two areas: institutional information sections (includes all the information about the University), sections of specific areas (undergraduate, postgraduate, research, etc). 

The new site is made with Drupal 9 and has a large volume of information that must be presented in an attractive and detailed way. For that, some of the modules used were: Paragraphs, Captcha, reCaptcha, Page Title, Metatag, Pathauto and Redirect.

Link to the project: www.ucema.edu.ar