Job status: In progress

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Payway is a new proposal from Prisma Medios de Pago that combines finance and technology in innovative solutions for businesses. The website presents the guidelines and benefits of the solution. As a complement, a Payway help microsite was also developed, a website also made in Drupal to serve customers who use Payway as a payment platform in their businesses.  

Project goals:

Create two easy-to-navigate websites in Drupal 9. Have a self-managing platform that gives those responsible for communication sufficient flexibility and autonomy in content management. Achieve clear and user-friendly navigation all content, powered by quality graphic design.


The Payway website mainly has two areas: content sections (includes all information about the platform, events, publications, etc.)

The Help microsite has several easy-to-navigate pages where there is information to help platform customers with possible questions and/or problems. 

Both have a good volume of information that should be presented in an attractive and detailed way:

  • Paragraphs - Used extensively to provide versatility and control over content blocks.
  • Forms - It was used intensively to respond to specific requirements on inquiry or order forms.
  • Navigation - The main menu has conditional transparency, depending on the backgrounds of the site. Floating.
  • Slideshows - Both in the homepage and in the presentation of the institutional sections, slideshows were used to enhance the visual appeal of the information presented. The possibility of including forms in the slides is contemplated.
  • Theming in general - The styling of the site can be considered intermediate / advanced level. There are complex sections such as the main menu, slideshows in general, and viewing on tablets and cell phones. For this project we use Bootstrap.
  • SEO - Several modules were installed to optimize the SEO aspects of the solution, including those related to page titles, metatags, automatic URL generation and other more technical ones.

Key modules used:

  • Paragraphs - For site-wide block placement.
  • Superfish, Sticky - For the floating main menu with sub-items.
  • Views Slideshow, FlexSlider - For home page slideshows and other sections.
  • Page Title, Metatag, Pathauto, Redirect - Fundamental for the SEO assembly of the site.
  • Faq, Simple XML Sitemap - For Navigation Plugins.
  • Captcha, reCaptcha - For spam control.