Case study banco rioja

Job status: In progress

Link to the project: not available

It is the main provincial bank of La Rioja. It is a leader in "the provision of financial services to the northern region of the country and offers a wide range of services to more than 120,000 clients, both individuals and companies."

Project goals:

Migrate one of your intranets, operating in Drupal 5, to Drupal 8. Implement changes in the structure of the information, product of the evolution and experience in the use of the system, as well as to take advantage of the new features of Drupal. Implement improvements in the visual appearance of the system.


First, we conducted an extensive survey of the existing site to understand the usage and information structures. Then, together with the client, we agree on a work plan prioritizing the critical elements. Finally, we executed the progressive migration of the platform, first to Drupal 6 and then from there to Drupal 8.

  • We replaced 100% of the custom code with organic Drupal functionality, providing security, performance and significantly lower maintenance costs.
  • For the above, we made intensive use of the Views module and the modules for exporting them in different formats.
  • We started making use of Drupal 8 configuration management tools.
  • We use modules that allow a more granular management of access permissions.